Monday, June 17, 2013

The Phillipines Launches New Video Campaign Against Human Trafficking

The Department of Social Welfare and Development in the Philippines continued their effort to combat human trafficking by launching a new infomercial campaign designed to be a visual presentation of the dire effects of human trafficking on victims. The name of the campaign is called 'Iligatas Mo Ako', and the first infomercial was launched at the premier of Iron Man on Friday.

                                                       Sex Trafficking Iligatas Mo Ako Ad
This campaign is meant to address the serious issue of human trafficking in the Philippines by raising awareness. The campaign address both sex and labor trafficking, as well as organ trafficking.

According to IACA, the Inter-Agency Council Against Trafficking, there were 1,376 individuals trafficked in the Philippines in 2012. Furthermore, although there were 1,519 reported cases in 2011, only 100 convictions were reported.

The campaign will run for 6 months at various movie theatres across the nation, and will post hotline numbers for people to call if they have information regarding trafficked individuals.

Jasmine Prokscha

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