Tuesday, June 4, 2013

First Filipino Community Forum A Sucess!

Thank you for coming out to support us at the AATOP & CIRCA Pintig Filipino Community Forum and making it a success! We had almost 50 people in total attend the forums on both Friday and Saturday!

The CIRCA Pintig cast began with a short play about a young girl who was trafficked from her village in the Philippines to work in a massage parlor in Chicago. The play accurate depicts the role that the family may play when they send off their loved ones to live "better lives" and the manipulation of the traffickers. 

AATOP then presented an overview of trafficking in general and within the context of the Filipino community. 

Shelby French from IOFA talks about the Calimlims who were sentenced in 2009 for trafficking a Filipina woman in their home for 19 years

We ended with a rich discussion from the audience of questions regarding trafficking and bringing awareness to everyday people. Several individuals have already approached us and asked to be trained to identify and serve potential victims in their communities!

We look forward to more community forums this year!

Check out our project partner, CIRCA Pintig, and their summer arts events!

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