Welcome to the Asian American Trafficking Outreach Project (AATOP) blog!

AATOP is an ongoing program developed by the International Organization for Adolescents (IOFA) as a response to the lack of resources for Asian American and Pacific Islander (API) trafficking victims in Chicago.
IOFA aims to build the capacity of Asian American-serving organizations to identify and serve victims of human trafficking. We hope to close the existing service gap by developing a community-based network to work together to address Pan-Asian trends and offer culturally competent support. 

Member organizations are welcome to download and distribute training and outreach materials and specific trafficking information according to their needs. Our ultimate goal is to develop a network that will rely on one another for culturally relevant services and capacity when in need.

Please address your questions and/or feedback to:
Jody Haskin, Project Coordinator at jhaskin@iofa.org 
or Jae Jin Pak, AATOP Community Advisory Board Chair at jpak@iofa.org

Change in the trafficking of Asian-American victims must begin from within the communities. I invite you to join the movement. Let's make sure API victims don't get left behind.

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