Monday, January 21, 2013

Join IOFA's "Human Trafficking is OUR Problem" campaign to fight modern day slavery

Many people here in the U.S. still think that human trafficking is a problem that happens far away, to non-U.S. citizens, to the "other." Few realize how human trafficking directly affects us as individuals and how it is an issue the we all need to solve in our immediate communities. IOFA's "Human Trafficking is OUR Problem" campaign will aim to bring awareness about the most surprising details about the crime of human trafficking and engage people directly in getting this message out there. 

Would you like to be directly involved in building awareness of human trafficking? We need your help! Here are 3 easy steps:

1. Download and print out of of the "Human Trafficking is OUR Problem" signs. Click the "download" button below the signs and hit print.
Human Trafficking is OUR Problem signs 

2. Use your IPhone, camera, or computer camera to take a picture of you and anyone else you can fit in holding the HTIOP sign. Make sure that text on the sign is clear and visible.
3. Upload your photo(s) and send as an attachment via email to

Here are some examples:

Your image will be included with hundreds of others in a new IOFA video to be distributed to the public and our anti-trafficking networks. Recruit your friends, family members, pets, and everyone who wants to end modern day slavery. Post the sign and these instructions to your Facebook and Twitter pages.

Let us all be part of this new generation that is fighting against modern day slavery. Human trafficking happens in OUR neighborhoods - the city, the suburbs, and the farmlands.

We look forward to your photos! Please let us know if you have technical difficulties or need assistance. Thanks for your support!

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